Cali 1100i ignition parts

Pinched from another Guzzi site., this may help someone out:–At first an earth form the ECU was chief suspect
but upon checking these were fine. Next we took the RPM sensor and
swapped it for the hall effect sensor, SUCCESS! After much searching and
cross referencing after the discovery that Marrelli no longer make the
SEN 8T, I have found a direct replacement from a French firm called
Cambiare. The part number is VE363154 crankshaft sensor. Another direct
replacement is for the ECU. It is a marelli P8 ECU and can be found in
various Fiats, Alfas and many hundreds of thousands peugeot 206’s.
Although I didn’t need one I found many for sale on flea bay from as
little as £30! Like the throttle sensor replaced with a Harley item it
just goes to show that with a bit of searching a lot can be accomplished.