Cali 1100i- smell of fumes (not my rear :)

recently been getting strong whiffs of fuel fumes, either when parked in the garage or at start up, if I pull the cold start lever on a morning, sometimes get fuel coming out of the carbs, once the mess is cleared up it does not reappear again.
On mornings like today, just turned her over and started first time.
Someone at work has commented on the smell of fumes this morning as well when sat upon it.
Any ideas, could the cold start cable be sticking perhaps??



Check the fuel hoses.

Mine got a bit porous and tended to “sweat” fuel when parked. Once replaced problem went away

Make sure you get the right grade of hose if you replace it I can’t remember what it should be but there was a thread on here IIRC a while back

Will do, these old un’s need some TLC :slight_smile:

Timely topic, as my '94 Cali 100 has just started to waft petrol fumes up at me this week. No sign of a leak anywhere around the carbs. Will now check all the hoses. Thanks.

Check the underside of the fuel tank towards the seat end. Mine (2003 EV) has a screw which was dripping fuel. Cured with some PTFE. Not sure what it’s for…

Page 6 (possibly 7 as well) is the stuff to use though . These are US pecs but there is a DIN standard as well but I can’t remember the number

A petrol leak like that may not always show if it evaporates quickly. Cos “sometimes get fuel coming out of the carbs” I wonder if you’ve got sticking float(s) or leaking needle valve(s), worth a look. Despite horror stories about affects of ethanol fuel personally I’ve found that I’ve always had to overhaul fuel hoses and carbs fairly regularly to cure leaks etc. even back in the days of 4-star… You may have to take the whole lot to bits and clean / renew to effect a surefire cure.