Cali 1100i tank range

Could any 1100 i owners enlighten me to the range of the tank . My light came on this morning at 130 miles from full ,but that is a sender failure ,it stayed on when I added a gallon . Although I have had the bike for 7 months I have only in the last couple of weeks put it into service ,I was waiting for the salt to clear , so I’m not familiar with when to expect the light on and what whats left when it comes on .
My last Cali 3 would cover at least 200 miles to reserve ,but then it didn’t have a huge wasted space to clear the airbox .

my cali ev fuel light comeson at aprox 130mls, and on average it takes 11ltrs to refil. the tank as a capacity of 19ltrs . I have as an experiment run the tank dry, and coverd 185mls be for it stuterd to a halt, ( can of fuel in paniar).

Blimey! I thought my 990 Adventure was bad with the ‘light of panic’ illuminating at 160 miles!


Got my 96 1100i from Oxford to Alencon on a tank full, (about 190 miles by road if you take the ferry crossing out), mainly long straight roads though, and depends on your riding style.
Also the warning light appears to have a mind of its own on my bike but I would be very wary of running dry at anything over 200 miles.

Thanks Chaps .
My old Cali 3 was good for 200 miles before the light came on ,but it didn’t have the lost tank space for the air box ,I would hope for more than 130 miles bearing in mind my fuel pump is outside of the tank ,even so ,disappointing when the range of the older Calis is compared .
If I hadn’t just had my tank re painted , I would fit a fuel inlet to a Cali 3 tank and chuck the top of the airbox away .Although the row my last Ducati made on open airbox was a tad wearisom .

Thanks , did the light come on before you got to Alencon ?

Thanks ,
130 miles to 11 ltrs is 11.8 miles per litre X 19 = 224.5 miles to a full tank . that would indicate that your pump and filter is taking up 3.3 litres if it was dry at 185 miles ,seems a lot .

The light came on as I approached Alencon, must admit it was the first time I had seen it light up since I had bought the bike 2 years earlier. I had always thought it had never worked!!
As my house is about another 15 miles further on I filled it up at the first opportunity and would estimate there was about 2 or maybe 2.5 ltrs left in the tank at the most.

that was my speedo reading, totally unreliable, I would think 200mls to a tank is possible, :smiley:

No Buzz, I think you are fairly accurate . Today my light came on at 135 miles ,it took 13.5 ltr to fill ,fairly easy sum , 10 miles to the litre ,should give a range of 190 to absolutely empty . 45 mpg aint so good ,the car is better !!
Not as much fun though .

My warning light comes about 140 but have managed over 180 & when i filled there was still 3 ltrs in it so i top up around 150 , bike well serviced should do that without hassle

Riding home from Glasgow up the A 90 ,in the rain and mist at a fairly steady 70 got me to Milltimber ( going around the back of Aberdeen )before the light came on at again 135 miles but only took 11 ltrs to fill .
So I recon 45 to 55 to the gallon .
Happy that I can trust the bike ,it being fairly new to me , I had left it outside over two nights in Glasgow and it had stood for a good few hours in the rain before I set off for home but it started fine and didnae miss a beat . :smiley: