Cali 1100i Tank removal. Help.

Hi all, I need to change the air filter on my 94 Cali 1100i and need to take the tank off.This is the first time I will have done this since buying the bike earlier this year. My manuals do not take me through the process of removing the tank and I was wondering if one of you kind knowledgeable gents could help.
I have tried to remove it, pulling it rearwards after removing the bolts but it does not seem to want to move. I dont want to damage anything as I am not sure how much force I can use.
When I do get it loose what do I need to disconnect before removal.

Cheers and compliments of the season.

think my 1997 Cali EV differs in tank removal, but not by a lot,
first I remove the retaining bolt at the rear, seat needs to be taken off for this. then the large nut (17 or 19 mm spanner) holding a fuel pipe at the front underside of the tank needs to be removed, take care and dont force it,

then there could be a vent pipe further down the underneath of the tank, remove that

then there are on my EV two long cabled electrical connections on the left lower side of the tank, these are just pull apart connecters these cables might be tucked underneath the tank, if you do have these take note of what connects to what,
then I have a big bore petrol pipe connected to the tank which is removed by way of removing the hose clip, or your bike might have petrol taps, mine dont, if you do you will need to disconnect both pipes, do not remove the taps . and that hopefully will be that.

I think you’ll find the front end is anchored in two big rubber bushings and just needs a bit of oomph to pull it back and out if it’s not been removed recently…