Cali 1100i trailer tow bracket

I was wondering if anyone has any info or has made up a towing bracket to fit this bike, Sometime ago there was an article in Gambalunga where someone had made a trailer from a Car roof box. All I can remember is the guy said he had not used the existing alloy brackets which support the silencers because he had seen them crack.

Time for me to trawl through my back issues in the meantime.

Apologies if this is the wrong area to post this,

Where are you? Freewheel Trailers in Norfolk (North Walsham) are used to making up custom tow hitches for bikes.


Thanks Mike…I am located in somerset, a bit of a trek to Norfolk. I believe that Freewheel have recently been sold. I will call them and get the lowdown.

I was hoping to find a photo of one just to get me started…In the garage this pm looking at possibly fitting bracket to the top two bolts which attach the pannier frames to frame.

Yes the old guy retired, the new guy Wayne (IIRC) is still keeping it going. Actually bought a trailer off him end March. He’d got lots of orders, at least a dozen or more on his clipboard when I was there. Many from the continent as he’s the only m/c trailer maker in Europe at the mo.

Go no the web site, there’s a few pictures of hitches.

Thanks Mike,I’m glad that they are busy…
I have been looking at their website, also searching the net for pictures, there seem to be two types those that attach high up to frame/ luggage rack mounting (as per website pic). The other option would be to remake/reshape the existing alloy brackets in steel and attach to these, with support arms to upper pannier rack mountings.

Dare I ask which bike you tow with.?

The Racing Rhino made a neat job of his , fitted to a V7 Sport…

Sadly, I still haven’t got much further than making those brackets. I’ve been struggling to get my welding right. All of a sudden I seem to have lost the knack! With one thing or another I haven’t had the time to put in the necessary practice.

I did think of that, replace the alloy with something else.

I am towing with a Ural sidecar outfit. The towbar is a bolt-on accessory made by Ural!

Not sure if you ever got sorted, but this has come up for sale on flea bay. Not sure if I would have lot of faith in it, but someone presumably did.

Thanks Don, apologies for not replying earlier, I have only just seen your info.
Well in the end I took the bike to Freewheel, they made up a towframe to suit.
We attended the Devon branch camp …the usual cliche applies ‘I forgot I was towing a trailer’.
Thanks to everyone for their advice/help.
Mi amici