Cali; 111 front wheel spindle

I just removed the front wheel, so that I could see how bad the rust is on the front mudguard. It is bubbling under the fork brace. Most odd, only surface rust on the underside Oh well, a thick coat of Waxoyl applied.Here is my question.The wheel spindle is pulled into place with the wheel nut, and pulls up against the inner race of the L/H side bearing. I am sure nothing dropped out, but: I assume that there is not a washer in between the spindle and wheel bearing?In the abscence of any torque settings, and as there is not a lot of thread on the spindle, I just tightened it, until it felt right, much the same as I did with the fork pinch bolts and calliper bolts.

No washer, and you tightened it correctly.