Cali 111 Rev Counter

My 1988 Cali 111 has Lucas Rita Electronic Ignition so there are 2 x 6v coils. The rev counter is connected via the neg on one coil but the counter shows about double the revs that the engine is running at ! Is this to do with the wasted spark? I did manage to get it to read at normal revs upto 4000 rpm but then it just drops back to zero, that was by linking in the other coil.Any advise would be much appreciated.Huw.

just disconnect it they all do that

There is a guy called Peter Champness who will adjust your rev counter to work with the Rita system.His details can be found in the commercial links page on this website.

Thanks Brian, Rev counter on its way to him.

Rev counter now back and on the Cali and reading as it should.

hi huw, hope the old girl is still running well.

Hi Mick, Yes she is fine, had the rev counter sorted, I thought as it is on there it may aswell be working! Now looking forward to some good biking weather!May cross paths this summer if you have another bike.All the best, Huw.