Cali' 111 rusty front mudguard

I just removed the front wheel, so that I could see how bad the rust is
on the front mudguard. It is bubbling under the fork brace. Most odd,
only surface rust on the underside Oh well, a thick coat of Waxoyl applied.I can’t work out that it looks so scabby on the top, I was convinced it would be rust coming through from the underside. As I said above, only light surface rusting on the underside. I have not poked this bubbling on the top.

Happens to all Cali,s - I reckon it is just an Italian paint job for a sunny day

I have spare front mudguard from a 95 1100i, not sure if it would fit though, black/white, or grey/pearl, depending on how sunny it is.

I am guessing it will be a pin hole from uneder or indeed a pinhole on the surface, only way to get at it is rub down to bare metal and respray, not as difficult as you mey think, BUt one thing I found ourt add the cost of rattle cans, zinc primer, rub down paint primer then top coat and laquer and it is almost as cheap to rub it down to bare metal and take it to an auto respray shop.


Nice thing about older bikes is they have stainless front and rear mudguards, The V1000 has 110/90/18 front same rear SO maybe a 2nd hand s/s front will fit from a V1000?guzzibear2013-10-19 17:01:20

Toastmuncher, ta. But even if it did, how much would it cost to get it resprayed!!!I am almost tempted to poke into this rust, which I am fairly sure is just surface bubbles, sand it off, and cover it up with some self adhesive vinyl in a similar colour, it only extends slightly beyond the brace.Still, at least I applied a thick coat of Wazoyl to the underside, something that I would recommend to any Mild steeled mudguard Cali’ owner.

1150GS2013-10-20 10:54:28

Depending on which colour you have it is not that difficult to use rattle cans, many Guzzi Colours are, depending on the year they were made.

Early bikes often used Fiat Colours, then in the “Aprillia” years they used Aprillia ones the very new ones may be also found on Piaggio scoots, NOT all but many can be replicated in Halfords OR Contact Mal at Bike Colours 01524 33700 or RS Paints.

To fill in paint

  1. Rub it down to metal make sure you feather the edges to give a smooth transition

  2. Spray with Zinc primer, IF you have masked off an area once the primer is dry pull it back and use very fine wet and dry to smooth the primer then feather the edges where the masking tape leaves a hard line.

  3. Apply a light top coat allow it to go tacky then do this 3-4 times very light spray.

  4. Allow to dry 8+ hrs then a very very light rub over and apply the clear coat/laquer, once dry and hard it should blend in , to be fair on a mudguard it is not that expensive or difficult to do the whole thing ESPECIALLY if it is a metallic.

The cost apart from time is about:-
£1-£2 per can so you would use what

2x primer
2x laquer
Plus a face mask
add on the sundries you are looking at under £20 for vynil Graphics etc this place is brilliant they did my “LeMans” In chrome itallic 4 copies + other bits for £20 Guzzi wanted £40+ just for 2.

If you want vynil graphics what I did was a pencil rubbing of the “LeMans” on the tail piece and sent it to him the ones he sent were spot on fantastic job.

Had to look at a picture of one ~ OK, so what’s happening is between brace and top of mudguard is a water trap, and you can’t get at it. If it were me then and just for the short term I would take mudguard off, so can get under the brace and this top area of the mudguard, clean up and wire brush off any loose stuff, then a hefty dose of waxoyl on the damaged bit, put it back on. Or even, mask off just the dodgy area that goes under the brace then give it a good coat of Hammerite. Which is designed to bond to rusty steel. Shouldn’t look too out of place when it’s back under the brace. Just a thought.
Mike H2013-10-20 19:54:27

or 2 coats of Jenolite once you’ve removed the worst of the rust, and then your choice of paint. I replaced mine with a fibre glass guard, and built up the area where the brace and guard almost met with polyester flexible filler before spraying. But mine’s black, cheap paint :wink:

A very late update!!!

I ended up taking it to work and using the shot blaster. After removing the paint, holes appeared :unamused:. Fibreglass repair, filler, rub down. colour matched paint at B & Q. Not a great paint job, but far better than it was. This was done several years ago… Still holding up well.