Cali 1400 Lafanconi exhausts

Hi I need some advice .
I have a 2014 Cali 1400 which I bought late last year
The bike came with a pair of Lafanconi exhausts
I put them on yesterday and went to get the shopping on the bike,
On the way back ,the urgent service message came on
And the bike went into limp mode.
Does the ECU need re-mapping ?. The Exhausts have Moto.Guzxi
On them and I am led to believe approved by Moto Guzzy
Thanks Murray

I have fitted several exhaushts on my 2014 Cali never had any problems still running Adace exhausts that’s been over a year now never had any software problems my original exhausts were standard Cali exhausts only other difference is I fitted a Bmc air filter I think you need to take it to guzzi Tech if it keeps happening ?

Ok thanks for the advice