Cali 2 Seat / Tank query

Good day all… I have a couple of questions regarding to the tank and seat on my recently acquired Cali 2, which is a 1982 bike.

The seat first - the bike has no seat locking mechanism fitted, and whilst it remains on the bike courtesy of the hinge bolts at the rear, it is held horizontally only by dint of gravity and the rider’s weight. How does the seat normally lock in position? Is there a seat strap as on the T3 Cali? (There is no strap fitted to my seat). Further, my machine has two rather home-spun looking rubber bungs attached to the frame top rail, allowing the forward part of the seat pan to rest on them. What is the normal arrangement? I also notice that the seat rests on the tank, which has caused some rubbing damage to the paint on the normally-unseen part of the rear of the tank. I’m assuming this is not a normal state of affairs?

The tank seems also to have a rather tenuous grip on the bike, being located by the two semi-circular ‘cups’ at the front, and nothing much else save the weight of fuel and the seat resting on the rear of the tank. There is a bracket attached to the rear of the tank which looks like it should play a part in retaining the tank, perhaps by some sort of strap, but at present this is redundant.

Any words of wisdom to assist me in these conundrums? Any forthcoming gratefully received!

I can’t advise about your seat, but the tank should definitely have a strap, like this:

Other sellers are available and you might even find one on Fleabay, but I think that’s a good price.

Hello as Richard says most early tanks have a strap at the rear that hooks on under the frame cross tube just below the back of the tank to a hook on the rear of the tank.

Early seats have a spring loaded hinged metal flat bar pivoted in the middle of the seat that locate on two hooks that stick up from the frame rails. I will take some photos. If your mechanism has been removed then you may have to devise a system that hooks below the frame rails.

Thanks very much both. If you could take a few snaps that would be brilliant!

Seat first, this is on my bike, later models are similar but not necessarily the same.

This is a view of the underside of my seat, the two flat bars are hinged in the middle one side there is a rubber cap to the lever. Both sides there is a slot in the seat base where the frame lugs locate when closed and the two flat bars then locate below notches in the frame lugs. These flats are sprung loaded to keep the seat locked to the frame.

This is a view of the lugs on the frame, the lugs locate in the holes in the seat base and the latch flat bars locate below the notches in the lugs.

Tank next, again this is the standard set up on my bike, other models maybe different

There is a wide hook on the back of the tank and another one on the underside of the frame cross tube directly below the back of the tank. You can see the rubber strap hanging down from the hook on the frame rail in the bottom of this photo.

The rubber strap has a metal wire loop that hooks on to the underside of the frame tube and then onto the back of the tank, keeping the tank firmly held in place.

If yours is different to this put photos on this thread and we can then see what is going on.

Best wishes Chris

And regardless of the correctness of the fixtures and fittings I think seat wear on the paint on the backs of the tanks is pretty normal, certainly across most of the range in this era.

Well, those photos are interesting! As you will see from my shots, there are marked differences. My frame has the hooks on the top frame rail as you show. Are the pads on the rear of the tank a Guzzi item or are they an add-on?

Although this Stein Dinze item does seem to be the same as mine…
Cali2 Seat.png

Firstly the wear of the paint on the back of the tank is not uncommon (see my photos above)

You seem to have a different seat locking mechanism to mine and most of the early tourers. I see from the photos that you are missing the stay to prop the seat open, there is also a bracket and a small tube on the side of the seat that I can only assume is part of the locking mechanism.

From the parts book of your model below you will see that parts numbered 34 an 35 are a lock, I assume that these engage with the seat brackets noted above. You will also see the tank strap item numbered 17 that fixes the back of the tank as on my tank as shown above,

Now on ImgBB free image hopsting :smiley:

PS the pads on the tank were added by me :smiley:
Especially useful as my bike has clip ons and rear sets and my drinking scar forces my jacket to rub on the top of the tank!

I’m very grateful for the advice on this - cheers!

Paint being rubbed off the tank seems to be normal, both mine did and (in one case) with different style seats.

Did I say that the seat dressing up the back of the tank wears the paint? Yes it does, this is quite normal.

You could glue felt to the underside of the front of the seat, this will not stop the problem but will slow it down a little. Alternatively you could get the tank epoxy coated. The paint wear is usually not visible as it is covered by the seat, (you guessed that) so generally it is not a problem.

I would suggest you get a tank strap (£9.50 from Gutsibits Gutsibits Moto Guzzi Spares & Accessories - The Shop -  - All Models - All Categories) theyy also do a seat lock, but I am not sure if you need any other components Gutsibits Moto Guzzi Spares & Accessories - The Shop -  - All Models - All Categories it is quite expensive at £66.20. It looks like you need bracket numbered 35 on the diagram above and possibly clip numbered 5?

Best to get a photo from someone with the same model as you to confirm what parts you need. Alternatively you could make a piece of round bar to fit, with a cap and spring to retain it, so to secure the seat without locking it?

That sounds like a good idea - I don’t really need the seat to lock, just to remain down.

This is very interesting as i am also trying to get a 1982 cali 2 back on the road. I had similar questions, i have the tank retaining strap but also no method of locking the seat.
Another question is, what with and how is the battery secured ? I assume another strap of some sort, if anyone has any pics i would be most grateful. Cheers !

I will try and upload my photos onto a different free photo hoasting site as Photobucket want money now and have finally caught up with me!

If you have a look on the Guzzitek website, you will find a parts list that shows you the original set up . You can download and save the documents for free.

That is where I got the parts list diagram above from, noe shown in better quality!

Yes and there are two parts that hook together in the middle. I can’t find photos of both, well some, nor shown in situ with a battery. Seems there are slight variations of design depending which model. On mine (Spada and Le Mans) each end of the strap was secured in place by the battery tray, meaning the battery tray has to come out to install (and remove the old ends). Could have a look on Gutsibits site.

There are two straps, the rubber parts are similar to the tank strap but the wire parts are different and hook onto each other see here

I used to fit a Ford Escort battery as they were cheap, one advantage was that they were just the right width so the rubber washers on the back of the toolbox (side panels) held the battery in place without straps going over the top of it. The downside was that the +ve terminal used to short out on the underside of the seat pan so I made a dent in the seat base with a ball end hammer and put a rubber mat over the battery, all worked ok then!

I am now going to buy a smaller modern battery and have invested in a pair of battery straps to hold it in place. Conformity at last!