Cali' 3 another job off the list

Just changed the fluid in the linked brakes, I wasn’t sure if it was possible without help. Fortunately it was. The fluid came out clean from the front brake, a moment of concern with the back, the bleed nipple was tight.Loosened in the end though, just about able to reach the spanner on the nipple while holding the brake pedal down. Thought there was a problem as when I closed the nipple, released the pedal, I had to pump the lever to get pressure againHowever, a quick road test has shown that the brakes are better than they were before I bled them. just hope I’m not saying this too soon.Last current job to do is to change the gearbox oil. I’m getting there.Just MOT’d my FJ1200 after a few month lay off, I changed the gearing from 17/40 to 18/38. As the chain and sprockets were worn out anyway, in an attempt to improve the fuel consumption. Fortunately it has, I got 51 mpg out of the last tankful. A mixture of heavy M3 traffic and 80 to 90 on an A road, feel quite pleased.To say there is a contrast between the Cali’ and FJ would be an understatement.

I always use one of theseBrake bleed kitNice and cheap and dead easy to use. Put it on the nipple and it acts like a one way valve, just pump the pedal (or lever) up and down, shut it off when you have all the air out.

Just ordered one.

One problem with the car bleed systems is , certainly on older bikes, the back of the caliper piston gets a bubble you can’t shift, by far the quickest and easiest way is to reverse fill the fluid from the caliper to the master cyl as described but yu need to do a search

Especially the front brake as you are attempting to push air down …on most cars the brakes are mainly low downguzzibear2013-04-27 09:19:12

The answer to that is keep you jar higher than the brake system. The R80, with twin front Brembo’s, is a complete barsteward in this regard, took me a while for the penny to drop that the jar must be higher else air just floods back up the hose every time and you will never get it out.

Using the bleed pipe in the link above, you can push the fluid through at a reasonable rate and it doesn’t give the bubble chance to rise back up the pipe. You just need to stop every now and again to top up the master cylinder.The pipe is so simple, just a length of rubber pipe with a bung in the end and a fine slit cut in it. You push fluid through and the slit opens to let it out, as soon as you stop pushing the fluid, the slit closes and prevents air being drawn back into the caliper.On the subject of brake bleeding, anyone else noticed how Stainless Bleed nipples are about £10 each on ebay for a Guzzi but Jap one are about £2.50 a piece for a Yamasaki, Honduki thingy. Anyone tried to see if they fit, got to be worth a try next time I have the brakes drained down for new fluid.If you look in the car section, you can get 10 stainless nipples for £22-00 free postage, even better value, you get a few spares for yer mates.

Don-Spada2013-04-27 14:30:14

brakes are definitely better than they were.