Cali 3 crank case vent system diagram help please

I’ve hunted high and low but cant find one. Trying to sort out this 16 previous owner bike is fun and shit at the same time sort of thing. Ive found a pipe at the front round the alternator cover venting to atmosphere and need to trace it back . Under the airbox y piece one blocked off and one atmosphere.

Have you still got the original air filter assembly fitted? That is an integral part of the engine breather system.
It’s been a while since I’ve had mine apart, but from memory there are a lot of breather pipes under the tank. Nne of which vent to the atmosphere, many connect into the air box or the frame.
I’m in South Leicestershire if you are anywhere close and have an unmolested Cali 3 from 1988.

I’m in Scotland mate so too far away. Further investigation reveals engine to frame and heads to frame connected. Front frame inlet tube is the same size as the one behind it but has a smaller bore pipe stuffed up it and is venting down beside the alternator cover into atmosphere…I am guessing this was originally to the blocked off y piece under airbox.

Pretty sure I have it sussed now and I know what’s what…I discovered the check ball valve was stuck and full of mayo so the motor was breathing through the heads.

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