Cali' 3 fuel starvation

Out on the bike yesterday, after about 4 miles at 80mph.The bike started to feel bogged down, I pulled over and stopped. Talked to my mate, told him what was happening. Thumbed the starter, all was OK.Later on in the day, after reaching 7,000rpm in 4th gear, it happened again. This time I carried on riding, but at a roundabout, a further 3 or 4 miles up the road it stalled. Thumbed the starter and all was well.I have 3 theories.1) Carb icing?2) fuel starvation, a blocked filter in the tank. I think this is likely, as the other day when I knew the tank was low, I decided to drain the petrol via the R/h carbs fuel line, after about 20 minutes, only about 1/2 a gallon had come out. This was to check to see if the low fuel light was working. (I know I could have connected the terminals on the connector block)Despite the inside of the tank looking rust free. I was thinking that some of the paintwork from the outside of the tank has been over sprayed to the inside. I have seen this and actually removed a bit of paint with my finger. Maybe this paint is blocking the filter above the tap.The bike is now full of petrol, so it will have to wait until I’ve ran it nearly dry, before looking at this. 3) Maybe the fuel lines are buggered?I did replace the air filter the other day, and this was the first run after that. Can’t see that causing a problem myself.

1150GS2013-02-19 09:01:03

kink in the fuel line where it comes out from underneath the tankdid this on mine after having the tank off to replace the gearbox

Worth a look.It was a kink in the fuel line, just after it left the tap. After doing this I removed a fuel line from a carb. Petrol flooded out, err,… unlike the other dayAll’s well that ends well. Thanks Keith, as soon as I lifted the tank it was obvious.

1150GS2013-02-19 11:18:45

Often the case if you get a fault after doing summat that was NOT evident beforehand, check where you have been… no matter HOW sure YOU are that YOU got it right.

My names 1150gs and I’m a numpty.

Noooo mate …It’s a Guzzi and will be a norty Guzzi now and again it’s just playin wit cher.

As was said by someone on here. I am becoming more familiar with the bike as time marches on.

it will happen again

remarkable how time sat on the side of the road or pushing makes you more familiar…

WEent to the V1000 this mornin’ crept up on it , fuel on ign on thumbed the starter it coughed in surprise then fired up sat at nice tickover rocking slightly…

“Me a problem startin’,I notta know whatta yew talkin’ bout mate!”

Is it me or was it laughing slightly or maybe a hint of a snigger !

Of course Guzzis do NOT affect you in ANY way !!!

I won’t tell you how much time I spent going through the starter wiring on the Norge, until I eventually noticed that the little green light was not lit.We all learn the hard way.