Cali' 3 hazard light query

I was surprised to find that the hazard lights can be operated without the ignition key.My other bikes require the ignition to be on, then activate the hazards, remove key, hazards stay on.Tonight I found out that if the light switch is turned on and the hazards activated, all the lights come on, apart from the headlight.I’m not bothered about this, just another Guzzi quirk I guess?
1150GS2013-04-15 21:20:08

On my Cali III FF the ignition key turns one position past it’s normal setting and this allows the engine to run but none of the lights work.

Practical feature? Handy if there’s an air raid I suppose.

It is so you can use hazards when broken down on the V1000 the indicators work with no ign on…I think a throw back as the V1000 had hazards when built in 1976 as well as an aux light switch. I think they built them for Police use and used the wiring as hazards for civvy one. Many cars did not have hazards as standard in 1976

On the early bikes with hazards they all worked like that, my Spada did, my R80 did (until I took the hazard switch off which was clapped out anyway), I think the idea was so you could leave it with hazards on, but still take the key and therefore leave it secure. But also means any passing oik could turn them on and flatten your battery for a larf… It also meant your turn indicators were permanently ‘live’ also as it all had to run off the same circuit.

my t5 was the same till the hazards went as part of her diet

normal indicators on my last few guzzi have always worked without the ignition

On my last incarnation I had TWO flasher units, #1 works thru ignition for the turn signals, #2 off a double-pole change-over switch that is permanently live off battery. I might not resurrect that idea for the next rewiring job since I have hardly used the hazards TBH.

my t5 had 2 flasher tins wired pin to pin , very odd… dumped them for a modern electronic one

As did my Spada, if memory serves…