Cali' 3 petrol cap lock

Only just realized that the rectangular piece on the back of the cap rotates to reveal a key hole Needless to say, it doesn’t seem to do anythying with the keys that I have.

come to that, neither does the steering lock.

Doesn’t the steering lock work on the ignition key? Push the key down and turn anti clock.

Can you get the lock to actually engage with the yoke?

I had to “remove” mine complete and put a bit of a lead on the pin at the end so now have a working steering lock

Also (and I hope I’m not teaching my Grandmother to suck eggs ) if your Cali 3 is the same as my 1100 you lock the bars over the oposite way to what you expect to engage the lock

My filler cap is a “bit weird” in that I often think its not working when it is!!tris2012-11-09 18:35:52

Hmm, I expect the lock to work when the key is easily accessed? No, surely not!

My Spada III which has the same frame as the Cali III locks on the LH lock

On my bike the ignition key does the ignition, filler cap and seat/the helmet lock that you can’t attach a helmet too
Steering lock is separate long skinny key

Yeh mine too mate I lost the steering lock key yrs ago they are easily broken by a quick hark tug anyway, totally useless.