Cali' 3 rear indicator fitting

Rear indicator stem has broke. Ordered a replacement from Gutsibits.

Started taking the rear light assembly apart in preparation for the arrival of the replacement part.

Removed the number plate holder, and rear light lens.
There are two bolt heads and a nut under the rear light assembly bracket, which is welded to the rear mudguard .

Undone the nut, nothing happened, the two bolt heads are almost impossible to reach. (UPDATE… This is because they’re captive bolts, probably welded on)

I can see that the easier option may be to remove the wiring from the new indicator, and use the old wiring which is still in place.

Any thoughts anyone?

Aha, I undone the screws that hold the indicators to the light assembly. This revealed two nuts, undone these and the bracket at the back of the light assembly detaches, although still held on by wiring loom. An earth goes to the rear tail light, but, the live vanishes into the wiring loom, admittedly probably not far, but it means I would have to cut the protective sheathing. Taken the indicator apart, assuming that I can thread the wires through the long hole, I think this will be my preferred method.


On a positive note:

  1. I’ll put some ACF50 on any of the connectors / terminals that I can access, not that any of them seem to be suffering from verdigris.

  2. This might prove useful to someone else.

  3. Is there a 3?

I thought I’d have a go at repairing the old indicator, I drilled a clearance hole for a screw, drilled a pilot hole for the thread, looked to be going well, few days later I looked again… it had crumbled, hey ho, I tried. Maybe a smaller screw / bigger pilot hole for the thread.

I’m not familiar with your bike, I think it’s newer than my 88 Cali 3 and has a different light and indicator arrangement. I managed to change the stems on mine by disconecting the wires from the bulb holders in the indicators and slid the broken stems off the wires.
I wasn’t impressed wth the wood screws holding the stems into the back light. I guess the plastic had broken some time in the past.

I ended up, like you, keeping the original wiring. Wood screws, yeah, hmm,same here