Cali' 3 seat cover, fitting

I’ve got a seat cover for the bike, I’ve previously fitted covers to my BMW1150GS, both front and rear seats, so I have some experience.

But, these weren’t buttoned seats, I had hoped to not use the buttons, but, the seat cover will not sit aesthetically well without these. I have a spare seat, I believe, from an 1100 Cali’ without buttons, but, the seat fabric is quite substantial in thickness, the one I have is thinner.As I have the cover, I may as well try to fit it.

I’ve tried measuring the position of the button holes in the old cover, as the material seems to have stretched, this is inconclusive.More so, as the replacement seat cover panels dimensions are slightly different.

So far, my thoughts are to loosely fit the cover, aligning the central stitches in the cover with the three holes in the seat base to which the buttons fishing line will be pulled through.

I’ll start by putting 2 staples on the back / underside of the seat. pull the seat cover forward to tension it, find by touch where the existing compressed button hole is and mark it’s position.
Dilemma here, ideally in my opinion, I need to use a hole punch to remove the fabric, so as not to introduce a weak spot and potential tear in the vinyl seat cover. As I type this, I am now thinking that I could puncture the seat cover with a needle and pull the button’s tang through… hmm.

Then I would have to pull the seat cover tight, whilst stapling each side, repeat the process with the other 2 buttons.

Anyone done this before, any thoughts?

I should really get 3 new buttons, the originals are a bit shabby, may go search for them, while you lot give me the definitive methods of fitting this cover. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That is a job I would get a car or boat trimmer to do.

It’s a challenge, it has to be done!

Well said that man! :smiley:

I bottled out when I got a new cover for the SP, a local upholsterer fitted it for £50.