Cali' 3 sump gasket

I’ll be changing the oil filter soon, looking at the sump gasket, does it stay in place when fitting the sump to to the crankcase? Is there a useful tip at all?

Grease both sides is the top tip.
Second tip is don’t forget the 4 inner bolts holding the sump on.

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I stick them on with a thin smear of grease often you can use the old one as it usually stays in place, but have a spare if you don’t you are bound to tear it
Regards Keith (great mines think alike )8 Valve Eagle2013-04-17 20:02:29

Some with sump spacers need 2 gaskets

Hmm, the filter I took out was date stamped.99 If I was an optimist I would say it was NOS. Bike has 27,000 showing on the clock. Right back to work, replaced both sump & spacer gaskets. Now to torque the thing up, assuming I can find the correct torque value somewhere.

Can’t find anything, 10Nm sounds good A gentle tighten before going for it though.

I always use a large jubilee clip tightened around the oil filter to prevent it loosening ( As they have been known to do ) with catastrophic results! Shame not to when you have the sump off.
DazGuzzi2013-04-20 17:15:46

Agreed. Although more likely a potential problem with a broadsump ‘trapdoor’ filter change. Plus always double check the sump gasket is on the right way round!
guzzijack2013-04-20 17:12:38

I meant the sump bolts, not the oil filter.

I just usually tighten it ‘that much’. Just so it won’t fall off. Also apply a diagonal tightening sequence.

PS: the screws are only going into aluminium so you can’t put too much welly on them.

yes, I didn’t go for the 10Nm, stopped before that.

Rule of thumb; tighten until either the thread just strips or the bolt head shears off, then back off half a turn.