Cali barn find update

Wheels and engine soda blasted engine repainted, wheels still to polish but got the engine back in the frame last night. Making sure the loom is in place properly and getting new fuel lines in tomorrow . Got some good pictures but need a kind person to email them to so they can post them for me. May even add oil and a petrol can, tank not ready yet, and see if she starts.

Sounds like the bike is coming on well, exciting time when you get to push the button for the first time.Put your pictures into an account with and then it is easy to post them into pages on here

Hope tis works

Almost there, You need both photobucket and this page open in different tabs.Open the image in Photobucket and then click on the bit marked URL on the right hand side. This will copy the bit you need, then swap to the Forum page and paste into the forum thread. (either right click paste or control V) that will insert the code.

Don-Spada2014-08-16 01:02:00

Working on an ipad seems to be more difficult ,son tried it for me but don’t think we know what we are doing, heeeeelp

Sorry, don’t understand ipadsOpen the picture in photobucket and copy the IMG code, then paste it into your thread in here. If putting in several picture, leave a space between the 2 and make sure any privacy is s et to public.This is the one you need.

Congratulations on the progress.
As Don says it’ll be a great moment when it starts for the first time.
All the best

PM sent re help with photos.

There you go Harry!

DazGuzzi2014-08-24 20:12:34

Thanks darryl going for a start up tomorrow night if I get the kill switch wire sorted

Pretty impressive!

That really was a barn find! Looking good now.

She started but only on one , turns out the old injector is solid now. Secondhand one on its way, will get it cleaned locally and she should start on 2 and tick over.