Cali cutting out problem

My 1996 Cali 1100i has developed a small problem. I have not been using it much this year and i think it is sulking because I have been out on my Honda Innova a lot more. I took the Cali out for a ride at the weekend. It started ok but after about 2 km it just cut out. I coasted to the side of the road and switched off and told Big Red to stop messing about. It started up ok and ran well for the next few hours. A couple of days later, exactly the same thing happened. I carried on riding but after about an hour of more riding it did the same thing again. I gave it a right good telling off and it started fine and I carried on riding for another 3 hours without incident. It is the first hint of trouble in 14000 miles and so I am not complaining. I am thinking it may be the kickstand switch or the handlebar cutout switch. It is either that or just a case of jealousy. Any suggestions? Steve

Also check your electronic ignition connections and your earth connections.
A big can of contact cleaner may be needed.

Relays also easy to check and could be the culprit.

Agree with above.

Sounds a lot like the infamous stand switch, it sits out there in all weathers and was made in Italy for sunny use only. Hope you sort it, there is nothing worse than an unreliable bike.Cheers, (only 3 batteries and starter motors in 5 years), Gerry.

Are you sure of this Duffo, 'cos if so you have lived a charmed life.

Yup, been married 40+ years, 2 sons and (as yet) not a granddad, have an unreliable car but the bike is currently reliable, if it was not I would be stranded.G.

I don`t consider the bike to be unreliable. I joined this site just before I picked up the bike and by what I was told on here I was convinced the bike would not get to the end of the street without breaking down. We have managed a trip from the UK to Mandello and then 2 trips from Denmark to Mandello. We have also been all over Europe and the only problem I had was a puncture in the rear tyre on my first local trip out last year. Considering Moto Guzzis are supposed to so unreliable, I think I got a good one. At least when it stops, it starts again. I have had a few bikes that have not been so kind to me when they have broken down. I think Big Red is just telling me to play the game and to give it a bit of TLC sometimes. Guzzis do have feelings you know? I will clean the side stand switch today as that is usually the culprit. Steve

Hi Steve, i would also change the relays for a set from Pyro Dan. My last Cali EV let me down at Harwich docks with the Click no Crank fault and once i managed to get it running and get home i changed them. Was fine after that. My last 2004 V11 Le Mans were fitted with a set as soon as i bought it and i have done the same with my 97 Cali Anniversary. They are cheap to buy including shipping from the states but they seem far better quality than the old ones that i took out. Good Luck Darryl

Back in 2008 I bought 10 replacement relays from here for the princely sum of £2.50 each - just in case. They are V23074 A1001 A403 relay SPCO 12vDC 20 Spade and are Tyco marked.

Steve,Don’t forget the phase sensor that sits in the side of the bellhousing. That can pick up crap from the flywheel/ring gear and confuse the ECU.Ditto for the above recommendation on relays and a good dose of electrical contact cleaner on the big ECU plug.

+!It’s handy to have a forum with some problem solving resources but this can give the impression that Guzzis are inherently unreliable.Not been the experience of many, many other.Best of luck with the gremlinSteve

My bike does have Dans relays. It was the first thing I did. not had the chance to get out because of the constant rain. Steve

My phase sensor gave up but it was intermittent - a couple of klicks then conk out, cool down, a couple of hundred metres and progressively worse. Removing it was difficult as it had gone barrel shaped - I basically screwed it out of the hole. I wrote about this elsewhere - the saga of determining what was tits up was compounded by a buggered resistor in line with the fault code led! Effing brilliant. That was when I decided enough was enough and went for a myECU which gives a decent feedback on sensors and their output as well as being superior to the original ecu. Phase sensor servicablility is still “by exception” though. Competition systems have / had SEN8I’s for £25+VAT back in 2008 - plus they sold the new plug / socket arrangement req’d for a few quid more.


Well I gave the side stand switch a good clean and spraying and went and filled up with petrol. I then rode for about 30 miles without any problems. I can`t believe it is that easy.

I once had a similar thing on the V1000 it was a blocked breather in filler cap, it was after it had stood for 4 weeks when we went to the USA, the fuel leaves a residue.

I tend to look at the silly things first, Recently had the V11 reluctant to start, a spray on the clutch switch, similar to the micro switch on the brake side, and the sidestand switch cured it, despite all the naysayers WD40 did it’s thayng