cali drive box

anybody know how the drive box breathes! would like to know,as read a recent article on oil leak from drive box blamed on blocked breather.

It doesn’t.

The drive box has no breather as such. It is open to the drive shaft and swinging arm area so Guzzi assumed there would be enough volume to allow for expansion without fitting a breather.

Most people ‘burp’ the drive box by easing open, then re-tightening the filler plug when the drive box is hot.

This leaves it under a slight vacuum when cold but under no pressure when hot.

To gtmdriver many thanks for the info re; drive box breather . regards Alan

You have to differentiate between models here.The Tonti framed models have no seal on the input to the drive box,it is open to the hollow swinging arm, which has rubber bellows at the front end, which allowes for expansion when hot.The Spine frame models have an exposed drive shaft and a seal on the input, so they have a breather, as do all the small block models.

Yes, it is the Tonti framed drive bo’s that you burp.I have seen breathers fitted though. Normally a brake bleed nipple set into the filler cap with a hose leading up.

I always run the bike for 20+ miles after a refil and open the filler plug it usually pops letting expended air out then do it up, stops the oil blowing the seals, or that is what I was told many yrs ago not had a problem so , for me it works.

If you do put a bleed nipple in it take out the plug to do it as older ones often have a magnet in there.

As Brian states surely the tontis dont need a breather…however the spine frames do but they dont come with one! …er well my centauro didnt…do the V11’s have one?alano2014-04-09 19:46:45

use a breather on the Eldo - early V7 drivebox are not so aired!