Cali ev engine whine

My 2003 Cali has developed an occasional whine after a longish ride when well hot, not always there but appears to be coming from the front of the engine, maybe alternator area or even timing chain ? bearing in mind that as far as i can tell the bike has done no more than 15k mileage based on old MOT’s
Any thoughts much appreciated
Dave H

What sort of frequency is the whine? High or low note? Does the frequency go up and down with engine revs?

Normally with a whine I would suspect a bearing personally, but I am not an expert on such things unfortunately. Hopefully someone will come along.

Further to my problem with engine whine i have had a revelation !! it suddenly dawned on me that the times i heard it was on returning from a ride and just setting off next time, so with a bit of experiment it became obvious it is when the tank is nearly empty.
It appears to be coming from the fuel pump and have briefly had it when turning the ign key on, as i remember the PO told me his mechanic had changed the fuel filter arrangement while doing a service .
Any suggestions/observations would be greatly appreciated