Cali EV Fuel Filter change

I’m intending to change my in-tank fuel filter on my 2003 Cali EV and understand its a tricky job to say the least. Does anyone have any top tips or advice before I start?

Thanks in advance.


Just seen your post so this is probably redundant now but, no offence intended, are you sure it is in tank? My 2003 Cali stone has an external filter. It seems strange guzzi should be fitting internal and external filters in the same year.

Good luck,


I changed my filter on my Cali Vintage and it definitely is inside the tank. I had a fault with the hose between the pump and the filter, so changed the filter whilst replacing the hose.

It is very difficult getting the assembly out of the tank, and it needs twisting and adjusting to get it in exactly the right angle to come out, and at first it seems impossible, but they got it in there through the same hole, so it will come out eventually.

There are some other threads on the forum, so do a search and you should come up with some other advice, notably on making sure you replace the filter with the correct type.

Of interest is that the manual shows the pump external to the tank, but there must have been a re-design at some stage, and they didn’t bother updating the manual.