Cali EV Help!!

Can anyone help ? My Cali EV has been diagnosed as needing the recall work on the Valve Springs. Piaggio are stonewalling me and refusing to honour a recall that I understand has been in existence for a long time. I have been advised by someone who knows that I need the Valve Spring Recall kit which is not only rare but hideously expensive at over £1000. Is anyone aware of where I can source the parts without making me bankrupt? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks, Chris

This doesn’t sound good.

Have Piaggio given a reason why they will not honour the recall? There should be a set of parts available for every bike which needs them - and this will be registered against the VIN number. If Piaggio will not provide, it may mean they have already sent the parts for your bike out, and therefore think the work has been done - there have unfortunately been persistent rumours of unscrupulous dealers who took the money and didn’t do the work.

Have you been in touch with Piaggio direct (customer services by phone worked fine for me)? Get them to check your VIN number against their records - that will establish the official position. If they think the work has been done, they should be prepared to tell you who did it - and those people will clearly have questions to answer.

The other difficulty may be that the work has been done, but the bike has subsequently been run on the wrong oil against Piaggio’s specifications.

FWIW the kit includes much more than just valve springs - there is a new camshaft and followers involved as well, which may go some way towards explaining the price.

Good luck. With the recall work done, and run on the right oil these are some of the nicest Calis out there, so it’s probably worth your while getting it properly sorted, even though it hurts.

Hi Ian. Unfortunately Piaggio are saying that there was a Technical update in 2003, nothing outstanding now. They have said that if my bike has a full approved Dealer Service History (it doesn’t) then they will revert to the factory to see if the parts are available and see what the factory will approve. I’m not optimistic that they will help me as I don’t have the DSH even though the bike only has 10K on the clock and has been looked after. I want to keep the bike and getting the work done myself seems the only option.

See here: We’re assuming it’s a ‘hydro’ (?)

Yup: I guess we are.

It sounds as if Piaggio think the work has been done - that doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvre, I’m afraid.

10K is a low mileage. Do you know what oil it’s been run on? I have a sneaking feeling these bikes don’t particularly like short trips, which may make the oil spec even more critical.

It’s possible that 8Valve Eagle (Keith Nock) may have some useful information as he has done a lot of work on waarnty work with Paiggio/Guzzi.
Who is your nearest main dealer? May be worth a chat with someone at the main dealer to get advice. They will be able to tell you from the VIN if the update is needed and whether it’s been done.
The lack of a dealer service history is a significant factor for you sadly.
Best of luck