Cali EV interested fault #1

Took the twist grip apart on a 97 Cali EV and noticed that one of the throttle cables had snapped.From the patina on the frayed end it happened a while ago and the bike had been running OK.Turns out that it has a “push pull” cable arrangement as a failsafe against throttles sticking open.There was a recall/tech bulletin relating to this in the US for early EVs.Thought it was interestingHave funSteve
guzzibrat2012-08-07 19:55:26

i have been looking at the push pull stuff with interest, i assume they are much lighter on the wrist as you dont need such massive return springs?

I have a 97ev and it has a double cable throttle tube? but only a single cable I assumed they were all like that sir

The first series EVs only had a single cable and the second cable was added by dealers as a recall after a fatacc in (I think) Germany when the throttle stuck wide open.The second cable doesn’t actually lighten the throttle at all - the EFI gubbins are way lighter than carbs - so is just insurance in case the TB butterflies or linkages stick.