Cali EV Rear Mudguard

I know this may elect howls of derision from purists but I have always thought the rear end of my 2003 Cali EV to be…well…quite ugly. The mudguard itself is massive and the rear light cowl like something from Flash Gordon. Does anyone have any experience of fitting an alternative setup?

I think McFuzzi has changed his around, I know he was looking at Harley guards, not sure what he ended up fitting, maybe he will chip in with some comment.

Hi, I thought the double rear light and indicators on my Cali Metal were pretty ugly but left it be till they started to wobble around. Then when I saw how they were put together with stupid clips and crappy plastic I hated them even more. Then the mudguard started to go rusty just to top it off.
After a lot of head scratching and tinternet searching I decided that the depth of the valancing on the standard guard was just right so, I got hold of a reasonable second hand standard guard, took it to a man who does stuff and got him to knock 4" off the end. Then we cleaned and powder coated it then fitted LED oval aftermarket rear light and small bullet chrome indicators. I was aiming at a look as close as I could get to the 750 classic which I think is spot on and I got very close.

If you look at pics of Calis with different guards on the rear and check the look of the thing between tyre toP and seat bottom they nearly always look just wrong. IMHO, hence my aproach.

Hope that gives you another idea.

mic can you post a picture as i would like to change mine and dont know where to start

It’d be good to see Mic’s -both my guards are fibre glass Harley style ones I got on eBay.

P8020047 by McFuzzi, on Flickr

Front is a little wider than the standard Cali one but a similar style. I had to cut some out to get it in between the forks and mould for the curves with some drainpipe and potters’ clay, though could use plasticine. Then I used grease on the brace, and plasticine to blank off leakage while I poured resin to mould so the brace would be firm and the finish unbroken.

P5260009 by McFuzzi, on Flickr

The rear I also sawed some off, and built up lugs with resin and matting, set some stainless bolts in with locknuts to mount to the frame through to where the seat lock fits and for the LED lamp and number plate bracket.

This was a lot of messing about, but I prefer the way it looks, and to diminish the rust on the bike -and be able to remove the wheels without much hassle- was worth it!

oh damn, I was afraid someone would ask that. I suppose it’s about time I figured out how to do this anyway.

I think I need a picasso in a cloud or summut like, I’ll have a poke around in the next couple of days. Might have to involve IT Support (my lad)

I need to change the front guard next, then maybe have the wheels re built with black ally. Nothing for purists to get upset about, I sold my 1000s when I could no longer manage the riding position rather than modify it as that would have been vandalism IMHO but an old Cali is just an old Cali I reckon.