Cali EV

I have a w reg 2000 cali EV it has only done 8000 miles from new, at the moment it is having the engine checked the main problem is that the chrome etc has got rusty as the bike has not been used for ages, please can anyone give me advice as to the best action I should take regarding re chrome of all the chrome parts etc to bring it back to best condition

Hi John
I have a similar problem with my somewhat older EV
The metal parts (handlebars and crash bars for example) can be re-chromed and are straight forward for somewhere specialising in bike stuff despite their round profile.
The ‘bling’ covers at the steering head, beside pedals and just ahead of the shock absorbers will be more problematic according the people I’ve asked due to the material they’re made of and more complex shape when [polishing. In that case it’s new (ouch!) order used (often well used) parts.
I have seen the blingy bits in plain black plastic and had considered these as a lower cost/upkeep option
Best of luck

Hi Steve thank you for your reply , I did find people have said they are very good if you would like to phone my number is 07970 842174