Cali Fuel Pump

Reading the post about fuel pump hose made me wonder…My 98 Cali has the pump outside the tank and the last owner told me it was an advantage which seemed to make sense to me. But is it, and why did MG adopt pump in tank. To save space? Is it a reason to feel cheerful?

I understand that a pump immersed in the tank runs cooler, though I’v never heard of Guzzi external pumps having issues.

The in-tank pump and filter may be a cheap, cost-cutting generic system built by an external supplier - it’s exactly the same as the one in my Chief’s Ducati GT1000…and they also have had problems with the hose blowing off inside the tank!

Thanks for that. Pump in tank does free up some useful space though and my system is all wedged in tight in the frame, so that it’s as much a chore getting to the pump as removing the tank probably (don’t want to temp fate though!).