Cali sidecar Tyres

Well I just had my first ride out on my newly put together Cali 1100i/Watsonian outfit, and survived. Will need some getting use too. Anyway, need new tyres, so any sugestions for a cali outfit? Currently has Metzeler lasertecs, (140/80/17 back and 110/90/18 front i.e. standard) but tyre selection for outfits is, well a mystery to me. Found a few sidecar specific tyres, but not much choice size wise.

And a complaint to Guzzi. Been doing all the usual service things on my ‘new’ cali, and planned a quick gearbox oil change after my run. Ha Ha - what fool hid the drain plug under that big exhaust centre box - I wasn’t expecting that. Well at least I’ve had a good look at the dismantled exhaust system…

Have a word with these guys they will certainly point you in right direction

happy hunting

Glad you got sorted james,enjoy

OK Tyres suitable for outfits, well you have not a lot of choice because we are a minority. Your looking for any tyre thats the right diameter and with what ever width thats avaiable for that diameter and has a flat/flatish profile and not a ribbed pattern.18" tyres for bike and sidecar use are available Metzler Block K is a dedicated tyre it’s 400x18 so it’s quite a tall tyre.Avon do a 19" outfit/sidecar tyre. Heidenau K29 is a 16" outfit tyre.All these tyres are beefed up/heavy duty BUT they are not 120mph tyres. Heidenau and metzler are P rated so up to 150KPH also there all tubed type. As for your 17" tyre i’m stumped!. Best bet is to change to a 18" wheel or a 15" wheel then you can use a firestone 125x15 these have a hardish side wall unlike a michelin which are very soft. There are other 18" tyres and 16" but some are carp for outfit use. I wore out a Kings 16" tyre on the front of my T3 outfit within 1000mls and i worked out that the tyre had only covered less than 1 thousand mls before that.If i remember correctly the first time i started to use my first T3 outfit it was fitted with pirelli some thing sporty tyres they wore at a alarming rate both front and back. So tyres for outfits well certainly modern ones using original wheels can be a bit of a problem.If you want anymore info get back to me .ralph2012-12-17 20:47:24

Thanks for info ralph. The controller is not too impressed by the cost of the outfit so far (mission creep has been detected long ago), so finding new wheels will be off the agenda for a while. So, still don’t know what to do 18’’ wise.

Just a possible thought for the front wheel ,i wonder if a 16" front wheel from a T5? would fit or be adapted to fit then you could use a heidenau sidecar tyre.Like i said the metzler 18" sidecar tyre is quite tall and probably will not fit without lifting the mudguard so more work.I was lucky with my first T3 outfit in that i made my own leading links and kept the standard front wheel and used a metzler. The rear had a 18" wheel as standard so metzler again although i then managed to find a 15" car rimmed guzzi wheel at reasonable money although the going price is about £250-£300. Personaly i found there was not alot of difference performance wise between the 2 dispite about 2" of difference in diameter. The bike looked abit odd with the 15" wheel as there was alot of fresh air showing between the tyre and rear mudguard. On my current T3 outfit i have remedided that by fitting 300mm b/c instead of 330 b/c shockers, it now looks correct. Have a look on they seem to show most bike tyres i have noticed that the price especialy for the metzler sidecar tyre is very good. I have never bought from them though as only recently found the site.ralph2012-12-17 21:02:37

Thanks for info Ralph. At this time I don’t think I want to go down the route of changing wheels (cost and hassle), but have not ruled out the Metzeler 18’ front, even if I have to raise the mudguard a bit (might be much easier/cheaper than wheel changing). But my problem is still the 17’ rear. Been doing a lot of internet searching on sidecar tyres - not much info, and not much consensus. A lot of people going down the car tyre route, but the odd person not convinced and going for heavyweight touring/cruiser tyres. Obviously that line of thought is appealing to me (my lazy side…)- no wheel changes needed…maybe metzeler ME880 marathon or Continental ContiTour - I can get these to fit front and back. Are car tyres or sidecar specific tyres much better??

Car tyres have a flat profile so more rubber on road,easily available,cheaper to purchace,higher speed rating?,more choice with compounds if you understand what the tyre sidewall markings are and normaly last alot longer so very economic. Specific sidecar tyres very limited in all the above as we both know but they are heavy duty.If you can study a metzler or heidenau sidecar tyre off a wheel and compare it with a solo tyre you will see the difference.Personaly i would just suck it and see for the rear tyre but for the front tyre i would go for the metzler sidecar tyre because it’s right for the job . If you find a more sidecar friendly wheel or two consider buying them.You can always resell them if you go back to a solo .ralph2012-12-18 19:08:05

JamesS , the answers you seek are here - …and here creep ? not arf’ !

Thanks Ralph and Dave
More info to digest. Further mission creep will have to be craftily injected - for the sake of improve the controllers side car experiance of course, in months to come. So will pencil in metzeler sidecar front and a heavy touring back for now, and will reflect/further read up over xmas. A welcome alternative to xmas telly.