Cali Stone rear wheel removal

I must be missing something obvious. Got a bike lift to raise machine so when it is ready to come out should be ok.

However, left silencer off, brake off and tied up. Cannot see a pinch bold on left side of swing arm. Loosened spindle nut (right side) but that turns the spindle too. How the heck do I get the spindle out? I assumed I would loosen the nut then loosen the pinch bolt then knock it through. Wrong there then.

2003 Cali Metal by the way. What obvious thing am I being stupid about?

ok, rubber plug in end of big hex hole in spindle. Idiot that I am. Now off to buy huge hex key.

ok, just having a conversation with myself as I bumble through this. Wheel off, actually dead easy isn’t it? now I know how the thing goes together that is.
Glad I did this as the splines on the drive are dry and slightly rusty. Oops. Not been ridden much for a while but at least the splines themselves look barely worn (30k miles) So I will grease that all up, get my BT45 fitted and get the old girl back on the road.

Bevel box still needs a looking at

things always get easier the second time around, assuming one has a memory span greater than the proverbial goldfish.

I have read conflicting information about greasing the splines. Some are of the opinion that the cush drive should be a dry system and that grease has only been applied to hold the rubbers in place thus making remounting the rear wheel easier. The rubbers can be held in place by double sided tape if you want to “go dry”.

Rubber? Oh heck just when I thought I had triumphed over the rear wheel you hit me with rubbers? Where the hell are they hiding?

No doubt I should gather my courage and take the bevel box off and grease the shaft while I am at it. Hope I get it all back together in time for the IOM Classic TT in Aug. Thought I’d have fixed it by tomorrow but now there are these mystery rubbers to consider

Hey i’tll take 10 mins …go for it , undo it all BOG robber 'ammer tis easy

The rubbers are for the cush drive, in the rear hub behind the big greasy spline that engages into the bevel box. They are left dry, I would say there is no need to disturb them. Just make sure the bevel box and drive shaft connections are well greased. You should be able to get it back together quite quickly.Unless you want to take a look at the UJ and grease up the swing arm bearings. That involves dropping the swing arm out.

Don-Spada2013-07-04 23:25:22

Cush drive

Nice little guide that

Of course the splines are on each end of the driveshaft, they are metal to metal so should be greased. The cush drive rubbers are a totally different thing. Main thing here is to make sure the housing hasn’t seized up, cos if it has, you will be able to say goodby to the U/J fairly shortly too.
The cush drive ruubers are also very hard, and it can help if they are drilled to allow a little more flexing.Brian UK2013-07-05 13:34:39

lube splines with chain lube or similar .
grease will fling out and make a mess

Apologies for the misinformation regarding the splines. I knew I should never pick up a spanner in anger!