Cali vintage alarm

Has anyone got any suggestions for an alarm/immobiliser for a 2011 California vintage? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have the talking alarm on the V11 works well had it fitted by club member and mobile elektrikery wiz Towza…

This one is far better was NOT available back when I had mine done

Thanks for the info Guzzibear.

I have one of the advanced ones I tried to fit on the Norge, but it was far too complex. It has a remote anti hijack bit with remote fobs.Yours for say £40 incl post? But check what you may have to do to the wiring first, they can be fiddly to fit.Does it not have an imobiliser on as standard? I thought they all did now, my Norge was an 06 build and that does.
Brian UK2014-01-31 15:45:17

I got Towza to fit mine and he fitted the remote one to Nick’s VFR 750 there are a few tricks to get them working correctly… it is a good alarm BUT you will HAVE to have the battery on a tender type charger or with it on in a garage after 5+ days the battery will not like it, lead acids seem ok for longer BUt the newer agm type really do not like the drain.

By the way buying and getting it fitted is STILL less then a good lock and chain , mind you I use those as well AND datatag with the micro dot system…anything that deters the scum is good for me

Yes, Datatag or Smartwater with clearly placed warning stickers is an excellent deterrent. Arguably better than an alarm.I hear car and other alarms going off regularly, does anyone take notice?

I hate alarms on bikes, everyone ignores them, they are horrible to use, you don’t even get much if anything off your insurance,

Better to buy a small Gps tracker like this,


then use a good lock and strong cover!ianboydsnr2014-02-01 09:08:20

Datatag or Smartwater do normally have a useful effect on the insurance premium.Some of the locks and chains you see around these days must almost double the weight of the bike, and there are enough demonsrations on Utube showing how easily they can all be cut.But if there is some sort of hidden marking on most major components, which are traceable, then it makes it less attractive to the thief.Another company in this field is International Security Register, and they claimCustomer care – on average vehicles are 55% less likely to be stolen and 50% more likely to be recovered (source: PNC)
Brian UK2014-02-01 11:01:07

I ripped my immobilzer out after it failed in southern italy
fitted from new by a proffesional
i have datatag on the bike
but now I just keep an Abus disk lock on
its heavy but visible
if i fitted an alarm again it would be a battery operated one with remote control, one fo the problems with alarms is criminals triggering them deliberately then hiding, a friend lost his ducati that way eventually he turned it off thinking it was faulty, they then forced the steering lock adn wheeled it into a local council estate where it was never seen again
he had not fitted a lock and chain that would have stopped them
most bike thefst round here are teenage scum moving up from nicking pushbikes and they push the motorcycle to a safe place to hotwire it
frankly the so called proffesionaly fitted immobilizer on my bike would not have stopped them, as it was only connected to the starter relay, and was easily traced and looped out
you really need it to cut the ignition circuit as well to be of any use
me I stick to big locks
keep it covered or int he garage
never left out on the drive
and carefull here I park it
twice bitten very shy

From what I have gathered the scum that take bikes fall into 2 categories

The pro who IS deterred by datatag /smart water and an alarm, but will easily rip off any chain and lock

Then the scroat who is stupid takes no notice of the datatag , the alarm MAY sort of put them off but can’t carry the gear to break a decent chain and lock.

The Guzzis that have been nicked often get taken by the latter, Pro’s do NT want to be traced by a datatag or smart water as they nick bikes to break, as a rule.

Of course there is always the nutter who will try to nick anything they see.

Insurance premiums are slightly less with the datatag/smartwater and a Thatcham listed lock and chain BUT you do have to actually USE the lock and chain once you declair it. Having a bike taken at say a garage cos you left the key in whilst you went to pay will NOT be 100% covered.

I tend to think that alarms are a waste of time and that immobilisers are just an accessory to ensure that you as the owner will be left stranded miles from anywhere one day.

I will take my chances with a decent lock but that’s all.

To be fair I am rarely away from my bike, it’s mostly only at hotels and I am with friends, so we all chain them together, where they are stored is alarmed and has security cameras, and well locked!

So I mostly find bike alarms an annoyance, so I remove them from bikes that I buy with them, usually only 10 mins to do and that is to properly repair where they are connected!