Cali'3 rocker box temperature

How hot do the rocker covers get? I got a mild burn from it once! Bike runs OK, had it a coupe of years. I have three other air cooled bikes, the Cali’ however, is the only one without an oil cooler. There again my FJ 1200 runs very hot.1150GS2014-04-05 12:49:47

Oncewarmed up i cant keep my hand on rocker for more than a second if at all

Thanks, sometimes I just think maybe it runs too hot, that’s a doubt I can now remove. :slight_smile:

As it’s screwd to the head, I would think flippin’ 'ot. Good for warming your hands while waiting at traffic lights but ONLY with gloves on

Now I know why my GS is called an oil head, rocker covers get warm. My 100RT used to get hot,not as hot as the Cali’ though, maybe I have forgotten?1150GS2014-04-05 16:29:00

It is why the tappett clearances are so large compared to the oil/water cooled bikes you can always hear them rattling away

On the Temp gauge on my rockers cover i have seen just under 140 deg c
tonewuk2014-04-05 22:46:05


I remember reading somewhere the combustion chamber must be between 80 and 125, or somesuch, for maximum efficiency (i.e. power). So that does seem a mite OTT.

'Tis a 'splosion after all

I used to think my Convert ran pretty hot, but it’s lukewarm compared to the Buell XB. The rear cylinder sits snug between the thighs with the exhaust header an inch off your right knee.Wonderful in the depths of winter though!