California 1100 EV Running Rich

I have a 1998 Cali 1100 EV (owned for 3 years and my second Cali) which persists in running rich. It now soots up and missfires on new plugs after after only 200 miles. New engine temp sensor and 2 new hall effect sensors (following breakdown and which cost me £50 each instead of £10 each because Guzzi no longer supply them)have not cured it. My local dealer Crescent of Verwood say that because it is an early injection version they cannot diagnose it or upgrade it to a more modern injection system. They suggest I consider converting to carbs. I feel like I’ve backed a looser but there are loads around running ok. Any suggections please.

Why don’t you pay a visit to Moto Corsa near Shaftesbury? Mike is very experienced at sorting fuelling on Guzzis.

Moto CorsaGuzzirider2013-06-04 06:28:18

Thank you for your input. I bought the bike from Mike 3 years ago when he was at Three Legged Cross (only 2 mles away). He actually change the engine temp sensor to try and fix the problem - but it didn’t. He seemed rather disinterested in helping me. But after the bike packed in this Feb and I was AA’ed back from Shepton Mallet Mike had moved to Shaftesbury so I thought I would get proper dealer support from Crescent who are only 4 miles away from me and nearer than Shaftsbury. They replaced 2 hall-effect switches which cost me over £50 each rather than £10 each because Guzzi no longer supply them. They now say they are unabe to help further. because it’s an early injection version. My love for my Cali is really being seriously challenged.

I am no expert on the injection models, but start at the basics, check the air filter is clean, free flowing and nothing obstructing the supply of air to the engine. Try a good old fashioned colourtune down the plug hole, see what that shows.
Do these have any cold start choke type device? if yes, check that is operating correctly, best done at the same time as dismantling the air filter. The carb models are prone to this set up causing problems.
After that it is getting into the electronics of the system. TPS etc. if you are a bit handy, there is a diagnostic tool that can be downloaded and plugged into the system to see what is going on. Try a search on the tech bit for TPS and that will come up with several comments on this.

There is a screw on the ecu that I believe makes fine adjustments to fueling. I used it to tune out backfireing when I first got mine.

FWIW my money’s on throttle position sensor.

My V11 ran rich till I had mark at twiggers look at it, you could actually smell unburnt fuel , they sorted the TPS and other elektrikery, but once I altered the pipes and x over oh yeah there was a split in the inlet rubber that could NOT be seen with it on the bike, it all came good, try taking a look see at inlet rubbers if all else fails