California 1100i Fuel Hose Routing

As an E10 precaution and to deal with a contamination/clogged injector issue I am renewing all of my fuel hoses with Gates, swapping/servicing the injectors and fitting a new fuel filter. (BTW - I am sticking with E5 as far as possible.) Early (1997 Manufacture / 2001 Registered) Cali 1100i with external fuel pump and filter.

As usual the fuel hose routes are tortuous and fiddly. Any suggestions or dodges out there? Where do your hoses run?
Cali1100i Fuel.png
The official parts diagram is no help, although it matches my current routing. I have fitted a quick-release in the tank return hose which makes tank removal much easier. The diagram omits the air box which has to be negotiated…