California 2013 Fog Lamps

I’ve bought a 2013 California with what they call “Supplementary Headlamps" or Fog Lights.
The instruction manual states to “Set the ignition switch to the direction of the fog light symbol….". Unfortunately I can’t find this switch and it’s nothing to do with the ignition.
Can anyone tell me where to find the fog light switch/how to turn them on?

I’m assuming you mean a 1400 Cali touring? The ignition controlled switch is actually on the LEFT steering yoke forward of the fuel tank and (on mine) is a silver toggle switch.
The option is also controlled by the RIGHT handlebar lighting switch that controls the DRL or dip/main headlight. The fog lamps will ONLY WORK ON dip/main option. Trust this helps.

Thanks. Perfect. Now have to get them to work.