California 3 dash lights query.

The main beam, side light & neutral lights don’t work on the instrument panel.To save me cocking up What is the best way to access the bulbs & wiring?over to you Eddie & Rick .

To save you time buddy look up the manuals…free to down load from either Guzzitech or Greg benders “This old tractor site”

Waded through them. Too generic, nothing specifically on how to access the instrument warning lights. I just don’t want to undo anything that I’ll regret or go about it the hard way.

Guzzis are not usually too difficult, look for the fixing screws and undo it gently the bulbs are not that difficult to get, if they are the push in mini bayonet ones get the slightly higher wattage ones, Suzuki have them fitted to their bikes …

I removed the two self tapping screws (self tapping screws) from the top cover between the speedo & tacho. I then decided to remove the screen. Stopped at this point as I thought that the headlamp should really come off for easier access to the back of the dash. But, as it’s a bit cramped in the garage, and I could not see a connector block that would undo, if I had removed the lamp it would have been left hanging there. Didn’t fancy it scratching any paint or coming adrift overnight.So I put it back together… God knows how the screen was originally fitted, the holes in this would not align with the threads in the screens bracket.I knew that someday, that box of Dremel style of accessories that I bought in Lidls would come in handy Didn’t know it would be within three weeks of purchase though. Slotted the holes out with a grinding wheel. Now all back on, I’ll try another day.

I should have added that as I didn’t have anything to hand to identify the 4 wires on the headlamp, I didn’t want to disconnect it.Also as I could only see the terminals on the back of the instrument panel, I realised that I need to see it from the front.

Does it look like this one on here?

If so maybe can loosen the two bolts that hold it on, then could tilt it up some way might help. Vaguely remember doing something similar on the Spada.

Yup, mine is the second one down on the right.I’ve had this reply from a Guzzi mechanic who frequents the UKGSer forum.go in from underneath . ie. remove headlight , and bar that goes across
the back , then a cover held on by the smallest screws you have ever
seen, then you can pull out the holders.
i think the lamps are in brown holders that push into the back of the
dash .the holders have the terminals on the end of them . gently wiggle
holder out of dash . lamp can then be removed . do not break . they may
be made of ’ unobtainium’ . when replacing them …have all the lights
in the dash illuminated . trust me . if one goes out you know straight
away rather than after you have it all screwed down .

Oh well there you go!

this job is a pig i have done this plenty of times if your carefull you will not break anything the handlebars even have to be dropped out the way you might have to order some new bulbs also the connections can get a bit rusty plenty of wd normally works take your time and you should be ok all the best derek ps get some bulb holders also they f**kup also good luckdel.hel.smith2012-11-09 14:19:43

Think I’ll spray some silicone lubricant in the direction, let it soak for some time, to ease things a bit. Does a better job than WD40 IMO. Neutral light is working again, this was my main concern. I feel a delay coming on with this job.Not as feeble of me as it may at first seem. I have a “problem”. Access to my garage is not easy currently. Four bikes in there, plus one on the drive. i tmakes working on any of them a bit inconvenient, moving them about. Not easy to leave one of them in there with bits stripped off.

1150GS2012-11-09 15:15:02

Watch that - you might have one of the featured Yes it is no it isn’t lights (like mine and many others) that lie to you whether or not the bike may or may not be in gear.

You learn to let the clutch out gently EVEN if the light tells you it’s the bike is in neutral tris2012-11-09 18:42:26

As I am beginning to realize then.

This is a sunny afternoon job once you take everything off you cant move the
bike until you put it all back again good luck all the best derek ps sometimes just moving the bulbs and the connectors sometimes worksdel.hel.smith2012-11-12 10:38:56

Headlamp & screen off. I made a note of the wire colours relating to where that fitted, before I removed them. After removing the headlamp and screen, I realized that 4" away there is a connector block for the headlamp Still, I sprayed them with ACF50while they were off.Main beam dash bulb removed, looked OK. Fitted it into the neutral light & it worked. However, the side light dash bulb had blown, swapped that with the main beam one, and I now have a working dashboard side light.I put my multimeter across the terminals of the main beam bulb holder, nothing, no volts. Pulled the wires off of the bulb holder & they have volts. Wet & dry over the bulb holder terminal, refit, now have 12 volts.Back of headlamp polished, well, it was a good opportunity to clean it.Off to Halfords to pick up a new bulb shortly, and a spare.I expected the main beam light to be blue, it’s purple.

1150GS2012-12-01 15:54:01

While you have it all apart make sure the earth is good and if not already done fit the headlamp/dip relays, the micro relays from various places do ti and fit into the headlamp.

IF the dash bulbs are the mini bayonet types you can upgrade them with 2,2W ones from Halfords, Maplins or a Suzuki dealer OR even put led ones in APART from the charge warning lamp leave that alone.

The job is done now. I might consider the light relay at some future date.Tomorrow’s job will probably be to use Waxoyl on the back mudguard.Do I assume then, that the charging light is similar to that on my old Bmw R100RT, in that in some way it controls the charging system?Bulb holders were given the ACF50 treatment as well.

1150GS2012-12-01 22:26:10

No on the Cali III it is purely an indicator, showing the system volts are above a preset level.The alternator is a permanent magnet type.


Serves me right. I should have renewed them all, the left hand indicator repeater has packed up.