California diagnosis/repair

My 1999 California cuts out after running for about 12 miles and then will only restart after a 10 minute cool down. Can anyone recommend a workshop/dealer/repairer who would be willing and able to diagnose and repair the fault?
I don’t need suggestions as to what the problem might be, just somewhere that I can take the bike for re[air.
I live in South East Wales.

if you provide your approx location @gerard635 then folk can respond with more focussed suggestions

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I’m in South East Wales. this is my second attempt as for some reason my first one resulted in my account being placed on hold.

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If you over towards Hereford, there use to be a dealership we went to for BBQ’s etc for the Red Kite or Lydney Rallies - can’t remember the name of the place now, but they were a dealer and repaired too.

I’m sure one of the Welsh branch can answer this and if they still repair Guzzi’s

Martin Vermere is excellent. Worth contacting him via the S Wales branch of the club