California EV 1100

Have a W reg california EV and have had continuing issues with cold start where it seems to only initially fire on one cylinder (left) and then after a few (possibly 5) seconds breaks into two. This happens when it is very cold outside in the mornings. On warmer days it seems to fire OK on both. I have also noticed a smell of richness even when warmed up. Any link between these occurences, any clues as the the starting issue and is there any mixture adjustment for this machine given it is an electronic injection gismo. It all a bit of a dark art for me. Mileage is about 38K. Had it serviced last year at a motoguzzi workshop which for me in cornwall is about 150 miles away but I rode away and discovered the continued starting problems the next cold start.

Hi Martin
May be worth lifting/removing the fuel tank and checking the cables from the ‘choke’.
It’s not a choke as such but a cable which holds open the throttle body.
If the cables are loose/tight/disconnected etc it will affect both the things you mention.
While the tank is off you could check all the fuel hoses for integrity and tightness. The fuel pump runs at high pressure and will exploit ant minor problems.
Best of luck

Thanks for this Steve

It is using a hell of a lot of fuel by my reckoning as I am only getting around 110-120 miles to a fill up general short distance motoring. It’s far worst than my old lemans

That’s about right.
I get about 120-140 with mixed riding (commuting and a few runs out).
Have found that increased tyre pressures to address the whitelining have added a few mpg
I guess any misfire will hamper fuel economy.
Best of luck

Ok That’s reassuring. Still pretty pathetic in this day and age. I think this equates to around 41 MPG. I used to regularly get 120-130 but lately I struggle to get in the 120’s. Will do the checks you mentioned.


"This day and age!?
The EV was using dated technology when new
Best of luck

fair point. Thanks once again

Im surprised nobody has said it yet, firing on one cyl when cold. ‘they all do that sir’ but it does seem to be running a bit rich. I get 150-160 to warning light no matter how I ride. You could try a K+N air filter, it may help. I dont know if your bike has the P8 ecu (a great big car radio sized thing under the seat) if it does, it has a little adjuster screw which effects fueling. I have heard about people adjusting-out overun backfiring and stuff with it.


Mine does have a large car radio computer thing under the seat so I will investigate this and follow your lead. I used to get to around 130 miles before the light cam on but 150 would be nice.