California EV 1999 oil leaks

California just returned with son from Italy. Rather neglected over the lest 15000 miles. Oil leaks evident from three sensors on camshaft, left rocker cover (oil temp presumably) and right side just in front of clutch housing. Most is coming from the left rocker and it is evident that the sensor housing bolts or the thread in the rocker cover have stripped as it is loose and you can see some pressurisation pushing oil when the engine is running. Will do compression test and or leak down test to see what is happening internally. Â Are these leak positions symptomatic of compression leaks from the head either past valves or rings? As an aside can this machine be crabbed to change the clutch like my old lemans cos this is on its last legs also. Never worked on this machine before so a little nervous. Any reassurance or suggestions welcomeÂ

If it’s a Tonti frame yes.Â

Rocker box interior does not normally communicate with combustion chamber so compression should not be affected. Not sure exactly where sensor is screwed in but if in rocker cover, then have it off for a proper butchers.Â

Appendix: 15,000 or 1,500 ?

15K (thousand!) it has had a service or two in this time but the oil leaks have been progressively worst over the past 4-5k I would say.