California EV 80

Good afternoon

Does anyone know how I remove the ignition/steering lock (the steering lock will not come out)? I can see the two ‘fixings’ but I can’t tell what type of fixings are there?


No knowledge of a solution, but you should find a workshop manual in this website

Thank you, yes I’ve looked in these manuals and I can’t find any reference to it.

The fixing are what are called ‘sheer bolts’. The idea being when tightened to the correct torque, the hexagon part ‘sheers’ off so they cannot be removed easily. Its a security thing!

Usual method is to remove the Top Yoke and drill them out. If you are lucky, you can sometimes tap them out with a light hammer and chisel or grip the remains of the sheered head with long nose Mole grips, if you’re lucky because they are usually not very tight!

Good luck, Nik

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Thank you very much.