California ev bevel box oil

Has anybody sourced oil for the bevel box on a Califonia ev as the owners manual states that you have to use an additive. Either Agip Rocol ASO/R or Moly Kote tipo A

you can use an additive if you really want to , but regular changes with a quality oil is at least as good . my oil man tells me his oil already has it in . Rock Oil 80/90 .

You can get the additive in Halfords or another motor factor of your choice. I always use it, but I know plenty of people don’t bother.


I asked Opie Oils - my supplier of choice - about this. Their reply :

 “Hi Martin, Thanks for the mail. 80w-90 is fine, you can use mineral, semi synthetic for fully synthetic. Most 80w-90 oils will be mineral based. No need for any additives, it just needs to meet API GL5. The Silkolene BOA 80w-90 will be ideal Regards Guy”