california stone 2002

Hi there
Just purchased a Cali Stone 2002 in immaculate condition Or so I thought
Bike left dealer in pristine condition with courier
Got to my house and when off loaded there’s a ding in the tank, The courier had put bike on full right hand lock and must have ratchet it so hard it had pulled the front end past the lock stop on the frame therefore allowing the clip that holds the brake cable on the side of the top yoke to put a dint in the tank (idiot)
Anyway I’m looking for a top notch paint shop to take the bike remove tank, repair damage and return bike. The courier is paying for the repairs
Looking for someone in the North West of the UK, preferably around Blackpool area
Anybody any ideas

Can anyone tell me where the paint code is for my Cali Stone (Grey)

Not sure if you will find anything to help in here