California Vintage 2007 Service Manual

Hi all, just looking for some advice. I have a Cali Vintage 2007 and it is now due its 24,000 service which I intend to do myself, but need to get a good comprehensive service manual first. Can anyone point me in the right direction for something online and affordable, and in English?


PS. I live near Fordingbridge and drove passed the V Twin rally site the other day…needless to say it has disappeared and replaced by a lake!!BernieTheBolt2014-02-19 11:47:07

You looked here yet?

I was looking for the manual and found the vintage one here. guzzibear2014-03-05 19:08:59

The engine is tha same basic limp as the previous cali I do believe

for service

oil engine and gearbox as well as bevel box
Check wheel bearings and all nuts n bolts

Thanks everyone for the advice on workshop manuals and servicing. I had looked at the Old Tractor website but at the wrong manual, and the proper one looks just the ticket.

Had a lovely ride out to Motomecca at Shaftesbury this afternoon to buy a box of servicing bits, oils, gaskets, spark plugs etc, for the bike’s first 24,000 mile service, due to begin in earnest tomorrow morning. Free Italian coffee and a good natter with the sales team, nice way to start the weekend.