California Vintage battery

I’ve discovered my California needs a new battery.Â
Standard one is a Yuasa  18 Ah.Â
I think this battery is the original one so it has served well for 5 years (bike is 2010).
Even if I think it’s not bad I’m tempted to upgrade to an Odyssey: difference in price does not seem big but performance in way better. Â
I know typical choice fall for the PC680 (which is also suggested for BMW GS) but I have one doubt about it: it is 1 Ah smaller than the Yuasa. 1 Ah is not much especially considering that in a battery the important thing is the cracking amps (am I right?) but considering that I like using the spotlights and that the generator on this bike is not the most powerful, it is probably better to have mora capacity for when stopped in traffic for few minutes in the night.Â
Nice thing is that on their website Odyssey suggest a PC545 for the Cali, but this battery seems to be even smaller!Â
I was actually thinking about the PC625 which is just a little bit wider but more powerful. Only doubt is that this one has less torque spec.Â
Mmmm, Â decisions decisions!

Have any of you used one of the above?
Any advice for me? (bears in mind that “stick to Yuasa as you already know it” is also a viable advice :smiley:)
At the moment I’m not in a rush for getting a new one as I’m temporarily using the battery from the GS (funny story how I got the bike and why I could take the battery off - actually no, Â not funny at all!). Â I had to do some minor customisations to the battery terminals but it’s working fine and that gives me time to bother you with this questions! :smiley: Â Â

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