California Vintage Lacquer

I need to have my tank re-lacquered. Had to reconnect fuel pipe in tank and left tank stood on it’s end (not realising the fuel couldn’t have leaked out anyway)overnight as there was a little fuel in the tank. The tank slid down overnight and came to rest on it’s fuel cap. Fuel leaked out and might have reacted with the plastic bag the tank came to rest on. Anyway the lacquer is cracked and I want to get it back to it’s original condition. I’ve contacted motomecca who tell me guzzi don’t give out there paint codes. I have someone who is willing to put it right but is concerned if they use the wrong lacquer it could react and lead to needing to strip the whole tank. Can anyone advise me as to what lacquer/paint is used on the California vintage so I can get it put right. Also does anyone know where I can get the original tank badges? Tony

What year is it?

If it’s relatively recent it will probably be 2 pack.

Are the badges vinyl or waterslide transfers?

Badges froma Guzzi dealer or E-bay and are expensive IF they are slide transfers or vynil I got some from here for the V11 Le Mans a hell of alot less than from Guzzi

For laquer you can get Petrol resistant rattle cans from Halfords or a good auto painter will have acces to the 2 pack I-pol stuff BUT this is poison so not easily applied by the home enthusiast

It was new in 2008.

Thanks for the reply. Hopefully I can sort it over the winter. I was at mandello on bike last week. Thought I’d see if I could get some advice from someone there or scrounge a tin of lacquer but there was no one in. I know they don’t make them there anymore but it was worth a try.

You can print your own waterslide decals.

Lazertran (in spite of it’s name) can be printed using a standard inkjet printer and after drying for 30 minutes the ink is ‘fixed’ and does not soften or run when the transfer is soaked in water. It’s about £14 for 8 A4 sheets.

I have used this paper a couple of times and it works really well.

I printed these transfers when I painted my own Hailwood replica helmet.

The only limitation is that it cannot do white as inkjet printers don’t print white.

I saw a bike at Mandello with the laquer all lifted away from the tank !! weird