California Vintage Tappet settings

I’ve got a 2008 bike. Decided to do next service myself. Can anyone tell me the recommended tappet settings please. Tony

Take alook see in the manual if you do not have one look one up on
Guzzi tech or Greg benders "This old tractor " site if you do a search for tappet settings or in frequently asked questions you should find the best way to set them too …Don spada wrote it I believe, and they SHOULD rattle especially when cold many home mechanics make the mistake of setting them too tight, get some real good feeler guages and make sure they are a sliding fit when setting up…

Raceco’s advice on tapped clearances for EV era bikes is useful. The factory settings are to compile with noise regs.
From the Raceco website
Tappet clearances for two and four valve engines

Two valve engines

Tappet clearances for the Guzzi big twins should be set to 0.20mm for the inlet and 0.25mm for the exhaust. This also applies to the “modern” Guzzis such as the Sport 1100, Cali 1100i and V11. The factory settings for these bikes are 0.10mm and 0.15mm respectively, but this is to try and reduce engine noise to meet US emissions regulations. With tappets set this tight the engines have trouble ticking over and running cleanly at low revs.

Welcome to the world of Guzzis btw
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guzzibear2012-09-04 21:36:57

The method I use:ICEO, method. Inlet closing exhaust opening
Remove the rocker covers and plugs and put the bike in top
gear. Roll the bike forwards until an exhaust valve just starts to open.
Without moving the bike, set the inlet tappet on the same side. Next
roll the bike back till the inlet valve just starts to open. Now set the
exhaust tappet for that same cylinder.
Then repeat for the other side.The alternative way is to set them at TDc compression stroke. Many people make the mistake of setting on the wrong stroke and end up with extremely loose tappets. With this method, you can’t get it wrong.

Cheers Don This item was covered in a very old Gambalunga… I pop my bike on centerstand then pop a cut down fence post under each side, Put out the side stand on a cali and lift/tilt the opposite side to then kick the block under the centrestand. The side stand stops it over balancing if you then pull it back towards you it will balance and you can walk to the other side and kick the opposite block under the left hand side.

This keeps the rear well clear of the ground and then if you pop it into 4th you can move the rear wheel with your foot whilst a thumb is over the open spark plug hole you can then feel the compression stroke.

I saw on a bike build programme where Mark wossit put a rag into the plug hole and turned the engine and it popped the rag out on the compression.

When done you can just roll the bike off the centre stand it pops down ok… Rather than use my bike lift I often use the blocks and have before now added a 2nd block when I wanted the bike higher. Guzzis are so well balanced that it is not that difficult to do.

popped this info in frequently asked questions thought it may be of use thanks all

I made that mistake back in 1985. I always turn the engine over by hand after setting tappets so noticed it straight away.
I also always set the tappets slightly loose. It aint a racer and it all adds to longevity.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll have a bash. TonyTonyd2012-09-06 19:40:37

NB the “trouble ticking over and running cleanly at low revs” is quite likely due to the valves not closing fully, making a gas leak, in other words once the engine’s hot and expanded all the clearance is used up.

I’m with Ian

Agree that rattlt tappets are a good idea but…Aren’t the Vintage tappets hydraulic and do they need adjusting? Not an expert on the newer bikes btw.All the bestSteve

I am not entirely sure but I thought the Vintage engine is basicly the same as the older EV, I had a real close look at one and realised that IF I put a "Vintage tank,seat and other cycle parts onto MY V1000 you would not see the difference. So in theory you could change a T3 into a “Vintage” for alot less than say getting T3 California parts, and the T3 Cali seat is all show and awful to sit on especially as a pillion.

Cheers GBAll the bestSteve

Seems the “Hydro” only applied to 2003 - 2005 ‘Hydro’ & Cali’s ?

Couldn’t find any drawings of the gadgets but found this:

So still uses pushrods & rockers

And oil viscosity is critical apparently

The oil IS very critical and ONLY the reccomended oil MUST be used in the hydro bikes…

As an answer to the original question, if it’s 2008 then shouldn’t be hydro. (?)