California Vintage wind screen turbulance

I have a 2007 Cali vintage and at around 60-70mph the wind buffeting caused by the screen is awfull. I’m tempted to remove the screen completely as if i stand up the buffetting stops. can I get a very small screen replacement or alternatively a much larger screen ?

can you adjust the height like the old Cali’s?

Not sure how the screen fits to the Vintage, so forgive me if this information is of no relevance:

When I got my CalT3, buffeting from the screen was an issue - in my case, right in the face (which made visor down riding very uncomfortable). Height adjustment of the screen made little difference, so I asked the hive. The advice I received seemed rather counter-intuitive, but it worked. The advice was to space the screen forward. On my CaliT3, I achieved this with turned aluminium spacers, which effectively positioned the screen about an inch forward, but allowed the same mounting methods (albeit with longer bolts). I tested the method by using rubber washers (probably tap washers!), before settling on a more permanent fix. I can now ride with my visor up as much as I want (until rain stops play), no buffeting in the face or chest, and I get to peer just over the top of the screen, rather than through it.

As I say, may not be applicable to the screen mounting for your model, but the basics of “move the screen forward” might just work for you. Hope this helps!

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You might want to try one of the many screen top wind deflectors available from e-bay or the like for around £20 - then you might not have to muck around with brackets and spacers! might be worth taking time to look through everything out there and try to find something with a good(hopefully 5 star rating1) whilst avoiding the prolific crap from Ch–a that floods the market these days!.
An alternative might be to look for one of the "Craig Vetter " styled plexiglass handlebar mounted style screens about 2/3rds the size of the stock guzzi screen i had one on my 1976 t3 cali and found it to be quite good as its aerodynamic & shaped to steer wind round you!, rather than the stock virtually flat stock screen!
good luck with it
final advice is if it really bugs you just take it off! & store it in your loft for twenty years then sell it for a fortune online!

Without a doubt the solution is…Take the screen off totally. much nicer without one. even still looks nice. I love the wind in my face and I use a full face decent lid so , better for me to have a nice clear view and no bufferting any way. no need to go over 70 mph anyway. what a great bike .
if anyone has sourced a small mini screen to tidey up the bracket and clocks . let me know .
love you all and Thanks. Simon

I agree that screenless on a Caifornia is very nice, until it rains. Screen height is critical; the previous owner of my Cali Sport had fitted a small screen - almost like a flyscreen. He was a good 4-5 inches shorter than me and the little screen obviously suited him fine. I on the other hand, found that at any speed above 50mph the effect of the screen was like being continuously slapped around the head. I soon removed it and found instant relief. I’ve got a full length Guzzi screen for the cooler months but I wouldn’t mind trying the mid range MG screen.