Caliper bolts, no lock washers?

I managed to round off an allen bolt whilst removing my front caliper so decided to replace them both with titanium for the measly sum of £6!Anyway I was wondering why there are no lock washers on the bolts, anybody know a good reason?Regards,John

Well, I’ve never heard of one coming undone, also the face is alloy, and a lock washer will chew into it.

I think during assembly, most vital bolts and setscrews are dipped in a lowish grade locktite, this is no doubt a quicker and cheaper option than lock washers.Myself, when any original setscrews are disturbed or replaced I fit stainless spring washers. If it’s a nut and bolt I fit self locking stainless nuts.

You got the link for where you got these from please?

This company has always delivered for me.

They’re in Wingate, County Durham and do a fair bit with limited resource but worth a look. They’re on e bay too.
guzzibear2013-11-18 11:52:26

I have known 1 ocasion when a rear caliper lost a bolt.Paul Pages superb Le Mans in about 98.He had recently fitted Asrralites and hadn’t done them up correctly.That’s it.

I remember being told that Titanium bolts have a “life” - they have to be renewed after so long, I can’t remember how long.This was after a racer came a cropper on the IoM, when his caliper bolts failed. Given enough time, I might remember who/where/when…Anyway, I throw it open to the Forum - is this a load of old c*ck?

What’s wrong with a standard high tensile allen bolt?

Not shinyapart from that sod all

Nothing I suppose, that’s probably why the manufacturers use them As it happens I had a job finding fine threads on the day and these were handy, cheap enough and shiny so what’s not to like?Regards,John

As Ian I have stripped and reassembled calipers as per original assembly, none have ever come undone.

Having bought a Spada from northwest, I found he favours lots of copperslip and hand tight only, made for an interesting journey home!

a bit late for OP but i use schnoor washers , nice and thin re-usable up to a point , not cheap but good .

Good advice as ever.Can I disagree with your strapline?Over the years (many more than you) I have found it does pay, just not necassarly in coin.

Interesting to see all the different views on this, thanks for all the input. I’m going with a light thread lock and slight torque reduction.Regards,John

Don’t you carry tools on your bike?

Don’t you carry tools on your bike?[/quote]
Yes, but you don’t expect to have to get them out on a 12 mile journey.G.

12 miles, what would you need brakes for.And I have used my tools on my 5 mile comute to work.

Allen bolts have smaller heads than hex bolts so conventional spring washers work less well on them. If they are high tensile bolts spring washers are even less effective as they don’t bite into the bolt head so well. Under these circumstances Schnoor washers are a far better bet. They were designed for HT bolts.gtmdriver2013-11-22 09:26:43