Calli 2 steering head bearings

any one know the size of the steering head bearings for a Calli 2 ?
cheers IanB

Tonewuk will know, he also had some at a very reasonable price. Post on here your result.

Pretty sure its 30 x 55 x 17
you need 2

mo_biker2013-04-22 20:24:07

mps have them on e-bay at the mo

#30205 according to Guzziology equates to 25 x 52 x 16.3mm.Don’t buy them from a main dealer but go to a bearing stockist or ebay. As far as I am aware they are all the same from that era.

This lot are good

[QUOTE=Don-Spada As far as I am aware they are all the same from that era.

[/QUOTE]Well my 1978 T3 and my 1997 Cali EV have the same head bearing so its more than likely Don is right,back in 1995 I took my T3 off the road for a much needed sort out, all bearing ie wheel, steering head, swinging arm etc were removed and a trip to Abex Bearing (Wigan) sorted out replacments, I told Apex that they were for a motorcycle and their very helpfull staff sorted me out, end of story, I still use them now. fast forward to today and the range of bearing on the innernet is amazing, but you need be carefull what you buy,take a look at the web site for ‘Simply Bearing’ and enter 6204 which is the wheel bearing code and look at the 70 products with that code, prices range from £2.69 to £175.56! (the top priced ones are for extreme temp working) yes the cheap ones may well do the job but how long will they last ?. they also have the 30205 in stock with about 4-5 different brands, from £6 to £10 plus they stock shims for them which appear to be the same as the ones fitted to the bikes, but you will need check out the measurements yourself.

northwest2013-04-23 10:08:55

Sorry if I was wrong.