Campsites in Skye

Anyone know about this?
I want to go there for a couple of days before the Pennine rally in midsummer, but not sure if campsites would be full. Like the look of the Sligachan site, but they don’t book and I can’t raise anyone there except at the hotel, who didn’t really know. They say it is a big site but in midsummer it could be really busy?

I just wild camped when I was on the Outer Hebrides. Tent on the beach.

Can you still legally wild camp in Scotland ?

Looks like you can, but we prefer some facilities to be honest.

You can wild camp in Scotland however bear in mind the country code. Slig campsite is big and also a fairly interesting midge location - the pub (hotel) is a welcome relief from them however. Mind you all of them will be from now on.
Other sites on Skye are at Broadford, Portree and Uig. Dunvegan on the west side is Camping Caravan club but they take non members too. There are two in Dunvegan IIRC - Kinloch is right at the head of the loch and I have always meant to try it.


Thanks for that MF. The Kinloch one looks and sounds nice too. Hopefully we can find somewhere if Sligachan is too full or midgey.

Any advice on midges, do you have a tried and tested repellant you could recommend for southern softies?

I have tried all sorts of midge repellent Avon Skin So Soft, is superior to anything available at the moment, about £4.50p a bottle at the chemist.
A lot cheaper than some of the prices for so called midge repellent and it works.

Oo-er, and the descriptive blurb agrees :open_mouth:

Lovely family run camp site just outside Portree 1.1/2 miles & secure or just wild camp we do &. plenty places

OK thanks, I suppose my skin will have to get even softer then.

Is this what they call “product”? If I use this stuff does it make me a 21st century man?

The best thing is just buy a mossy net & use your most stinking after shave you never use !

14 year old Clynelish whisky. Talsiker being the local “brew”.

OK, that’s a favourite of mine, although I don’t suppose it’s available at £4.50 a bottle, even in Skye!

Spent last night at Saucy mary’s lodge in Kylekin on Skye. top tip… keep your helmet on till your indoors, place was swarming with the wee biters!!

The last time I was in Skye camping we went B&B, bugger was it wet and cold, no midges tho :laughing: